Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Palm Springs is for Lovers

The last time 
I celebrated Paul's birthday
with him
he was turning 18.

I made his mom's enchiladas,
blindfolded the poor guy,
and took him to my favorite spot in the world;
the sand in front of the beach house
I shared with my girlfriends
every 1st week of August 
since my freshman year.

Before this past weekend,
the only time we had
ever gone away together
we spent a day and night
camping in San Onofre
and we were freshmen in college
and our parents were pissed
and we never...ahem...left the tent.

This birthday he will be 30
and we have a few more bucks
and our parents watched our kid
and we managed to...ahem...leave the room.

I only have a few pictures
and a few words
because it was such
a precious time
I didn't want to spoil it
with a camera in my face
or now
with too many details.

I over-packed.

We left Friday around 11am
and time pretty much
became play dough 
after that.

Paul works graveyard in the ER
and had done so Wednesday
and Thursday night
so I drove his car.

This is a point of contention
between us
because admittedly 
I am a terrible driver
and he is a control freak.

For all my hopes and wishes
he never fell asleep
and so I had to listen to a litany of 
"Don't rev the engine"

At one point when I thought 
he'd drifted off
I reached for my phone 
to check the directions
and without moving his
head he plucked 
the phone from my hand.

It's all very funny to me now
but ask me again in 30 years.

We pulled into town
as the Germany/Greece match began
which meant the birthday boy's 
first request was to find a sports bar.

For those of you not dating 
soccer fans,
it is Euro Cup time,
which means every few days
90+ minutes are dedicated to intense
soccer viewing.

We stopped at a place called
which was comfortably cold
and host to a few German fans
and a pretty yummy steak salad.

Afterward we checked into
our room at Los Arboles
and my guy who had been up
since 6pm the night before
finally fell asleep.

I napped and then spent
a few blissful hours
watching cable from the comfort
of the world's biggest, softest
most amazing bed.

We had dinner and dessert
where I had shrimp tacos and gucamole
and then we walked it off
around Downtown Palm Springs.

She was hanging in Downtown too.

The next morning we did
what we really wanted to do
with our time alone...
we slept in.

When we finally got up and going
we stopped at Wal-Mart for snacks
and Woody's for lunch
and then headed to the Aerial Tram
for a mid-day hike and adventure.

Tram bound.

Let's paint some happy trees.

The weather was beyond beautiful at the top
and we hiked for a few hours
before stopping at the viewing deck
to eat trail mix and apples
and watch little kids chase squirrels.

We came down and drove back
and finally got in the pool.

The water was delicious.

And so were the margaritas
and chips
and my second serving
of gucamole.

We had an 8 o'clock reservation
where we ate 4 courses of amazing
under the stars.

Lobster risotto anyone?

After that,
I think it was my terrible idea
to head to Morongo casino.

I am an ex-smoker from hell
who doesn't like crowds, 
so a smoke-filled casino
filled to the brim
with frenzied gamblers
was probably not the best place
for me to be on a Saturday night.

I lost 20 of Paul's dollars
on a slot machine
and was ready to go home after that.

The next morning we headed to
El Mirasol,
a Mexican restaurant
attached to our hotel
where I had the world's best
Chilaquiles and eggs.

And more guacamole.

After we checked out
we headed to the 
to watch the Italy/England match
with a bunch o' Brits.

Mixed in with the rest
of the weekend
was a bunch
of snuggling
and chatting
and laughing
and a photo booth
and a $1.99 red turban too.

It was bliss.

And Paul drove home.

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