Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fotos 6/8

Life is just whizzing by.

Which I couldn't count
all the wonderful
on 3 zillion hands
but sometimes I feel like
a Mexican jumping bean.

That's had too much coffee.

And needs to get her car washed.

This past weekend was jam-packed
and so was the week
and so too will this weekend be
and the next and the next
and the next.

I'm not kidding.

So without further adieu,
I present...

A photo dump:

This is in a window in the Arts District.  I love it.

This is my 8 year old on a bike ride we went on.

His pose reminds me of Pepe Le Pew.

As Paul said, "Suave."

This is the final book in the Hunger Games series.

Thank God because I would like to return
to a normal bedtime.

This was on Monday.
The epitome of June Gloom.

This was on Wednesday.
The epitome of a beautiful day in sunny Southern California.

This is James eating an ice cream cone
and looking EXACTLY like his baby self circa 2008.
It was like a momentary glimpse into the past. *sigh*

This is Lucas pretty much in love with his ice cream cone.

This is the dough form
requested by the boyfriend.

These are the finished product.

My taste testers loved them.

I was like whatevs.

I think they'd be fun for St. Patty's
and I think with a little tweaking
I can bring them up a notch.

We'll see.

This is James dancing to LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem".

My boy loves to get his dance on.

This I found whilst walking down the street.

Why yes life,
you are grand!

This is a blurry picture of what the boys and I like to call Noodle Wars.

Essentially I chase them around and beat them with pool noodles.

It's pretty much a blast.

These are some of my favorite girls
at our sweet Daniel's prom-themed
30th birthday bash.

This is Lucas doing his best warrior pose
with the sword and shield he made out of blocks.

Well done son.

This is a picture of James being beyond adorable
and me looking like I'd been through the ringer.

Which I had.

Women's conferences on spirituality
are like brick walls.

That make me cry.
For 5 hours.

I'm a fan of emotional purgings.

Tomorrow I get to see this girl
for this girl's 30th birthday beach weekend.

HELLOOOOO Carpinteria and fun times to the nth degree!

And here are 2 of my new favorite songs.

Numero Uno:

Forever the undercover hipster
Paul has been playing it for a hundred years plus 3 weeks.

Numero Dos:

I'm a total Edward Sharpe groupie
and am seriously contemplating
making them Lucas' 1st concert.
We'll see.

Happy weekend folks. xo.

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