Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Fotos 6/1

Happy June!

Holy shit it's

I'll admit it's
kind of a bummer being a member
of the full-time job club
since last summer
I was jobless and horrifically broke
but also a mom taxi, bike riding

But I digress.

This weeks Friday Fotos
is a little light since
I've been battling a
since last week.

I'm feeling
much muchier,
but still not at my max muchiness.


Last Friday
Lucas had a morning performance at his school
which James and I were delighted to attend.

My son did the Electric Slide
to Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achey Breaky Heart".

Remember when
he was the guy
with the stellar mullet
as opposed to Miley's dad?

I'm old.

We went, we saw, we clapped,
and afterward James got to run around
on the playground
with his brother.

Which obviously he was stoked about.

Later that afternoon
he had his annual check-up.

It was the mighty Kindergarten exam
even though he'll only be starting
pre-school in September.

He weighs 47.2 lbs. and is 45 1/4 in. tall!

He is in the 97% percentile for weight
and the 100% percentile for height.

The doctor said he's on track to be 6'3".

Holy. Shit.

His legs look about a mile long.

I know I'm biased but he's gorgeous.

Where is my baby?!?

He was due for 4852934856 immunizations
which I believe in immunizing my children
but it does not sit well with me
to do more than 2 at a time.

Which since they're all combo shots these days
still ends up being 6 different vaccines.

So in the end
there were 2 shots
and a blood draw.

And a very pissed off,
very betrayed

I had to make amends.

Thus the yogurt. And gummy worms. And sprinkles.

Saturday I managed
to make the farmers market.

Summer fruit is starting to appear.  Can I get an amen?

I didn't even know I loved dahlias until I saw these.

Later we played mini-golf.

And then we went for pizza.

All that combined activity
pretty much zapped all my energy
and so I ended up spending
the rest of the day and night on my couch.

Lucas, Paul, and I
had dinner with my parents,
and I again ended up on the couch.

This time with Ryan Gosling
(who I affectionately call "Baby Goose")
and "The Notebook".
(How had I never seen this 5 Kleenex, tear-jerking, cheese fest?)

There was little motivation for picture taking.

The most exciting thing we did on Monday was laundry
and a late night swim.

I lost my voice because of this.  Well worth it.

Tuesday James had his 1st dental appointment.

He was a little skittish because of the whole shot experience,
but the hygienist was a dream.

And I had prepped him with an Elmo book about dentists
so he ended up doing just fine.

Although he kept asking when we were going to meet Elmo.

All clean! No cavities! Hooray!

I was pretty stoked to learn about Care Credit
which is essentially a credit card for dental work.

I haven't had insurance (of any kind) in 4 years
and don't have any extra cash to go around.

I was able to have healthcare of a sort
when I was still in college,
but I graduated last year.

I've been lucky to avert any sort of serious issue
(knock on wood),
and my lady needs
(annual exams and IUD)
are covered in a sliding scale over at Planned Parenthood.
(God bless you PP.  Shut up right-wing conservatives.)

I don't like credit lines,
but I figure if I'm gonna invest in anything,
one of them has to be my teeth.

So yay on the Care Credit
and yay on the the dental appointment in a few weeks.

Yay times two.

Back to the week...

I made sour cream blueberry muffins from a recipe
on the side of my Target brand of flour.

Well sort of.

I cut the recipe in half and added lemon zest

They were awesome. Go me.

I also made myself breakfast for dinner.

And I decided to love these glasses again. 

I'm a sucker for blackout lenses
that cover half of my face.
Easier for staring without detection.

I'm still not feeling 100%
which blows and makes me grumpy.

I have a conference tomorrow that
I'm 50% excited about and 50% totally against
because I just want to lay around.

I know once I get there I'll forget I wanted to stay home.

Saturday night
one of my near and dear
is throwing his boyfriend
a prom-themed 30th birthday party.

I tried on my real-life prom dress
and was shocked at how much
it didn't fit.

I'm wearing something else,
and contemplating losing the 20lbs.
I've held onto since my pregnancy with James.

I'm thinking about it.
I just love cake SO MUCH.

James is home this weekend
and we're due for a Sunday Fun Day
so I'll have to see what I can conjure up.

Hopefully my snot-fest
will have held it's final curtain by then.

Happy weekend. xo.


I've tried my best not to like this band.

But I'll be damned if this isn't the catchiest
let's drink lemonade and sit on the grass,
make s'mores and ride bikes


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