Monday, June 18, 2012

Let's Get Blindsided!

I was going to write about somethng else today.

And then I put on my brightest, friendliest skirt,
blow dried my hair,
and came into my fabulous office
to start the day.

I was well-rested and positive-vibed.

Good thing too
because my boss walked in
shortly after me,
closed the door behind her,
and gave me the option of a pay cut
or 2 weeks to find a new job.

And the boys and I
wouldn't be able to survive
with the pay cut,
so I guess I have 2 weeks
to find a new job.

No pressure.

The strange thing about me is
that last week I couldn't find my ATM card
and nearly had to be committed to the looney bin
but here the sledgehammer drops
and I get focused.

Super quiet

I mean I want to barf a little
and maybe later I'll cry
but right now:

survival mode.

I'm really fucking scared
but I know deep down
it's going to be OK.

I'm really fucking disappointed too.

Because I love my job.

What I do
and where I work.

Who I meet every day.

Because this was supposed to be IT.

But it's not.

Apparently there is another IT
on the horizon.

Something grand after another 
uphill climb.

But oh that damned uphill climb.

I've climbed so many mountains
I should be an Eagle Scout.

And sometimes I don't want to be the strong one.

Oh that Christina...
she's just so strong.

Well you know what
sometimes I want to crawl
into the fetal position
and give up.

But that's not an option
so I guess I'll just dust off that resume
start making calls
cross my fingers and toes
plug my nose
put on my seat belt
and dig in. 

Game on.

Kicking ass in a cute skirt since '83.


  1. That totally blows. I was made redundant at the start of the year from a job I loved, and am not quite over it yet. Best of luck and awesome job finding.

    1. When one door closes...and all that jazz. But yes it does blow. Come on awesome job part deux. Where you at!?!?