Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fotos 6/15

I'm tired.

And when I'm tired
everything seems
like a big deal.

I get frustrated
by what I perceive to be
my own emotional fragility.

I make mountains out of mole hills
and then I can't take anymore.

Game over.

Someone please
hit the reset button.

On Monday I was in a rush
and Lucas was carrying a watermelon
and he dropped it
and I yelled at him.

And I felt like an asshole.

I said sorry a million times.

On Tuesday I left $180 cash
on top of my desk at my office.

And I spent the entire night
worrying about it not being there
in the morning.

It was.

High fives to the cleaning crew on their trustworthiness.

Last night I couldn't find my ATM card
and it was midnight
and I was ripping my car apart
in the bank parking lot
because I had to make a deposit
and I couldn't find it
and I was afraid I was going to get robbed
and wondering
WHY James insists on dumping
his entire toy box into the backseat

And that was it.

Commence mental break.

There was too much laundry
and too many personalities
and too many end of school year activities
that I've had to miss
and too much budgeting
and too many bills
and too much shit in my purse
andandand forever more.

So I had a good long cry
and I was embarrassed.

And when I finally gave up looking
I went home
and one of my favorite ladies
had to put me back together
and my sweet guy
(who must have felt like he was dealing with a toddler)
sent me off to a hot shower
while he continued the search
for my card.

And it wasn't there
but that had to be OK
and I had chamomile tea
and went to bed
and only slept for 5 hours
but things weren't
as heavy
when I woke up.

And my card was at
the parking garage office.

So...yeah...there've been better days.

And worse ones.

I'm just tired.

Picture time!

I spent Saturday on the beach
with my favorite expatriate.

The weather was beautiful
and I couldn't get over being at the beach
without my kids.

Reading gossip magazines
in the warm sand
without having to worry about drowning children
is a spiritual experience.

So is hanging with great chicks
at an adorable beach house.

And veggie burgers with fries and a strawberry malt.

And hugging one of your favorites
for the first time in forrrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvvvver.

I saw Music from the Big House on Wednesday.

It was a beautiful documentary
and the blues singer in the film
performed afterward.

So great.

It's playing here for the the next week or so.

And P.S. the film playing on Saturday at 7:30
is James Bond Octopussy.

The picture above is...uh...unfortunate.

I had lunch at Farm.
And this cappuccino was delicious.

This guy was on the train Monday as I headed home.
He was PUMPED.

And the Kings won
which meant that yesterday
this was outside my office building door:

I know next to nothing about hockey,
but seeing the Stanley Cup in person
was pretty rad.

And yes I'm bringing back the word rad.

Trader Joe's had peonies
and they've all opened up and are totally gorgeous.

And rad.

I worked a few side restaurant shifts this week.
Which might explain my inconsoleable exhaustion.
But at least I got to drink a Shirley Temple.

And I just realized
there aren't any pictures
of the boys.

This Friday Fotos
gets a C for content.

But an A for effort!
I have very little planned this weekend.

Of course I want to:

clean the house,
do laundry,
get an oil change,
wash the car,
go to the dentist,
bake something,
grocery shop,
see my grandpa,
be outside,
run around
like a crazy person
until I die.

But really...

I'm just gonna shoot for a bunch of
snuggles with the boys
and a few naps.

Preferably in a hammock.

To the tune of the following:

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

Andrew Bird - Natural Disasters Une Soire de Poche #9

Happy Father's Day to one and all.

Happy weekend.


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