Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go Here and Do This: Weekend Edition

I have the priviledge of knowing and loving
a few insanely talented people.

Friends and family
who sing and dance and sew and draw
and blow my mind.

This weekend is chock full of
their amazingness,
so without further ado...

Beginning this Friday and lasting 10 performances,
Gregory Cesena aka my brother
is starring in
Theater Out's production of Dog Sees God.

It's the Peanuts gang
as tortured teenagers.
Go. See. It.

Here is the poster.

Here is my handsome brother when he was in "The Laramie Project"

Saturday night we
(me, boys, Nana, the whole crew!)
will be square dancing and cake walking

Paul's cousin Mike
and his band Triple Chicken Foot are playing.
And let me tell you,
earlier this year we went to one of their square dances at The Echo
and it was seriously one of the MOST fun things I have ever done
(even though Paul and I totally messed up on our solo).

It's kid and pocket friendly
and I cannot sing its praises enough.

And of course we love to support Mike
because he is awesome
and the band happens to be

Sunday is the
which is as awesome as it sounds,
and the whole clan will be at the
Long Beach location,
as our sweet and wonderful Dana
will be selling her

It's a grand life with folks like these.


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