Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fotos 5/11

My favorite Fridays are the ones when James is home.
If I could freeze time I would ya' know.

Mommy...I'm spying.

Today isn't one of them,
but since Sunday is Mother's Day
I get to pick him up tomorrow at 6:00pm.

Last Saturday was the Super Moon,
(which I think every moon is kind of super)
so we made sure to 
take time and stand
in Nana and Grandpa's backyard
This picture does it no justice. 
We had binoculars whoa!

Lucas got new Tae Kwon Do gear
which he promptly tested out on his little brother.

He tests for his green belt tonight.  I love him. The End.

Unless you live under a rock,
you know "The Avengers"came out.
totally loud and obnoxious and adventuresome.
of course the boys wanted to go.
I could I say no?

Paul and I
didn't let Lucas watch these
sorts of movies when he was younger.

But in James' case...
he gets to ride
his big brother's
coattails a little.

How could I say NO?!?!?!?

So we went
and waited HOURS
(seriously we got there at 10:30am
and couldn't get a show until 1:45pm)...

Waiting in line sucks man.

But it was
totally worth it,
and they were totally pumped,
and now my days are filled
with listening to them bicker about
who gets to be Captain America.

Sunday I missed my guy
who was working all weekend
and so I distracted myself
by getting busy and making pies.

with the exception that
I use 2 kinds of apples.
Granny Smith
and whatever looks good at the moment.

the pie spilled all along the floor of my oven
which made for delicious smelling smoke
and a lip-smacking pie.

I also bought him his favorite ice cream.  And then promptly ate it.  Oops.

The rest of the week was:

sunny lunch hours,

a President saying what I already believed,

Lucas designing his own comic strip,

and Muffins with Mom this morning.

My cup runneth over.  Forever and ever amen.

Happy weekend
and happiest of Mother's Day.


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