Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fotos 5/18

After Muffins with Mom
(really donuts and juice)
with the boys last Friday,
I dropped them off
(at school and daycare respectively)
and dragged my brother to Downtown
and flower mart madness.

Mother's Day, graduations,
and weddings made for a shit show,
but it was worth it in the end.

Orchids for one and all!

Friday night
Lucas tested for his green belt.

The most nerve-wracking part
(for me)
is the breaking of the boards.

Last Fall
when he tested for the first time,
the Master had a parent hold the board
while the student broke it.

knowing my own mental weakness,
I volunteered to take pictures
while Paul did the holding.

Lucas couldn't break it.

He tried over and over
as his hand reddened
and tears started to fall
(his and mine).

I had to walk out because
it was just too much.
But he eventually did break it.

He's had to break boards for each belt testing
and every time it takes him more than one attempt.

I tell you this because Friday night he broke it
He was the only orange belt to do that
and the shock on his own face was priceless.


Saturday was one of those Saturdays
where I planned nothing,
was not on any sort of schedule,
and yet managed to clean my house,
grocery shop, cook, and relax.

Lucas tackled Legos.

I spent the afternoon working
in the backyard with my mom.
Trimming this and re-planting that.

Felt good to have my hands in the dirt.

It was sunny and soothing
and the absolute best way
to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The boys and I spent the night at my parents'
so as to wake up with my mama
on Mother's Day.

We piled into bed for a dose of "Willy Wonka" (Gene Wilder edition)

Sunday morning
my fantastic brother
helped the boys make me breakfast in bed.

Waffles AND roses?!?!? Hooray!

we spent the day at Nana's.

My sweet guy gifted me with
tickets to Fiona
and registration for the both of us
to do a 5K called "Run for Your Lives".
There are zombies involved.

I prepped dinner and he BBQ'd it.
Then the boys made us moms
hot fudge brownie sundaes.

It was a banner day.

The week went a little something like this...

Monday was for continuing 
my ongoing obsession with brussel sprouts:

Roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper.  Just do it.

Tuesday was for practicing:

First Communion on Saturday.

Wednesday was for vampy lips:

MAC Rebel lipstick for the win!

Having my favorite lunch spot invaded my a film crew:

M&M commercial starring the Brown M&M.  Swear.

And blooming jasmine:


Thursday was for discovering 
KCRW has a new channel called Eclectic 24
And true to its name,
it's pretty much "Morning Becomes Eclectic" 24 hours a day.
The office life just got an upgrade.

It was also for fancy hair:

I can't master the sock trick, so this is au natural.

Location scouting for work:

My job is dreamy.

And post-fancy hair Dolly Parton hair:

You can tell I was impressed.

Today is my mama's birthday
so the boys and I will be into some cupcakes soon.

We are looking forward to a
for the next few days.

Happy weekend. xo.

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