Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday Fotos 5/4

I got out of work Friday and sought out someone to fix my hair.

In a blackout of
I had grabbed scissors and taken to my tresses.
There were casualties and some serious damage control was necessary.

I found Salon Pure and sweet Scott
who righted my wrong
and only laughed at me a little.

Afterward I stumbled upon Semi-Sweet Bakery
which changed my life with sugar, mint sweetened tea,
and adorable packaging.

The heaven on the left are called "ding-a-lings"
and they are homemade, airy, delicious Dingdongs
(or so I guessed from the miniscule taste Lucas shared with me).

I wanted to stop into a brick and mortar flea market on 6th
but they were closed.

Only in the Arts District.

Saturday morning was for Lu's tae kwon do,
scrapping charred dump cake from a cast iron pot,
and packing away camping gear.

For getting lost on Etsy and falling in love with these.

It was for doing homework (Lucas) and reading in the shade (me).

Shortly after this photo was taken I told him to finish his work or go to bed.
He chose nap. Smart man.

Saturday evening was for campout themed birthdays
(happiest of birthdays Mr. Noah!),
hot dogs and s'mores
and terrifying adventures in sky lantern-ing.

When I wasn't fearing for our lives the sight was quite wonderous.

Later we spent time on the couch
watching Bob's Burgers and dozens of movie trailers (Thanks Apple TV!).

Sunday I worked a charity event for my old restaurant 
which let's be honest, 
slanging margaritas at a Southbay Food & Wine Festival
isn't much work at all.

FYI: Demi looks fabulous and I got bangs.

Sunday night was for cranking out the last of the boy's homework,
getting him showered and off to bed,
and heading out to L.A. with my favorite guy .

Super Soul Sundays at The Short Stop?
Yes please.

When was the last time we danced together?
A long time ago.
In another lifetime.

The week was:

Spying on jesters in their natural habitat,

greek yogurt and granola heaven,

Katy Perry dance parties,

and May Day coffee dates because the protesters had clogged Downtown
and I worked from home.

"Worked" as in I checked my email in-between hanging out with the Jamster.

It was for feeling meloncholy and uncomfortable.


Bogged down with the
"Is this all there is?"-es
"What do I want?"-s

I was at a red light after work when I heard the music.

There he was in his brown suit,
briefcase put down,
Florsheims on the foot pedals.

People had stopped to hear him play.

I pulled over and sat in the red for as long as I could stand
before my fear of getting ticketed won out.

30 seconds free of the bog.

More I'm here
than I want.

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