Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Fotos 5/25

'Twas an eventful week for this Fam Bam.

Last Tuesday
Diablo III was released
which means
I saw a lot of this.

One of his favorite things.

Friday was no exception
so while he fought off demons
I worked from home
and then traipsed around in the sunshine
until it was time to pick up Lucas.

After he hopped in the car
I asked him where he wanted
to pick up a birthday cake for Grandma
and he picked Katella Deli.

A bonafide Cesena Family favorite!

Annnnnd one of his favorite things.

He picked an amazing
ohmygodit'sDELICIOUS cake
that was beautiful to boot.

Oreos + chocolate ganache = spiritual experience.

And while the cake writer was doing her thing
we may or may not have enjoyed a cake pop.

It was also Oreo.  YUM.

After all...
we needed sustenance for the serenade.

I spent the rest of the night
scrubbing collars
and ironing shirts.

And I'll admit...
a part of me wishes
I could tell you that
I hate being domestic.

That I'd rather be
drunk on gin & tonics
and dancing the night away.

But really,
I love taking care of the men in my life.

I'm a '50s era housewife
in a tattooed, liberal minded body.

Saturday morning was an early one.

And I must say,
every single time I manage
to clothe and feed the boys,
shower and blow-dry my hair,
dress myself
get out of the door on time...
I sincerely believe I deserve
a round of applause.

It was Lucas'
First Communion
and we had to be there an hour early
my children in nice clothes,
for that amount of time,
seemed like a mission impossible.

Luckily they both behaved like angels.

These angel faces were not a ruse.

There were 71 other kids
and mine was picture perfect.

We celebrated at Lucas' favorite restaurant.

Burgers and pizza and sweet potato fries.
My favorite people all in the same space.

And don't forget the $5 milkshakes.

Saturday night
we attended a square dance.

And it was amazing.

I cannot say enough
about the magic that is
dancing with my boys.

Holding hands and tapping feet.

Families all around.

Laughter and smiles,
twirling dresses,
and holding sweaty little hands.

 Precious. Joyful.
Moments so simple and pure.

I want to hold them and keep them
and never forget for a second what they are like.

I try my best to soak it all in.

Make mental notes of the
sights, sounds, and giggles.

Try to imprint somewhere in my memory
what it is like to have...

a perfect sliver of time. 

We spent Sunday morning at the park.

My reading,
James playing,
and Lucas being a grump.

He was bored.

He was tired.

He had other things he wanted to do.

No matter.

I just kept pushing him on the swing.

and harder
until he was laughing so hard
he forgot to be mad.

I ended up working Sunday afternoon and evening
and then collapsed into my bed around midnight.

Monday came even though I was exhausted.

This week I:

 Had a work appoinment in the Arts District:

 Stopped by my mom's for a piece (slab) of cake:

Felt under the weather:

Made some time for snuggles:

Got stuck in traffic that made the drive home
three hours long:

And spent another Friday working from home:

I like having a few extra hours with James
since he'll be with his dad until Monday.

There will be rest this long weekend.
And pool time.
And BBQ.

This life is grand.

Happy weekend. xo.

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