Thursday, January 3, 2013

See Ya '12

The week before Thanksgiving I was
almost done with my Christmas cards
and half-way done with my gift shopping.

I was pretty impressed with myself.

And then I blinked and I was wrapping gifts
on Christmas Eve
because I don't know what happened
but suddenly I was way behind schedule.

The holidays were a blur
and I've been near death with the flu
since Monday
so here
(3 days late)
is my end of 2012 post.


was for my 29th birthday

And February:

 was for flying


 was for a retreat in the snow

And April was:

 for starting a new job

and art museum adventures

May was a month for:

roaming in L.A.

and falling for this guy


 was a visit from this lady

a lost job,

and a trip to Palm Springs


 was for frozen peanut butter pie

And August:

 was for splashing

and sunsets


 we went to Sequoia

and pre-school

and third grade

In October:

my favorite girl and I ran from zombies

I threw a party

and my mom remained
the most awesome grandma
of all time.


 was for turkey

and voting

Not in that order

And December was spent:

in early Christmas with the cousins

setting up dad's old train set

tracking Santa

and having everything I've ever wanted.

We got all dolled up
and watched one of our favorites
get married

and we rang in the new year just like last year...
on the couch.

Last year I left a NYE party early to go home to Paul,
and there on my couch
right around midnight
is when we decided to give this,
to give us,
just the slightest try.

This year I felt pretty crappy at the party we were at,
and we ended up home around 11.
I passed out on the couch
and Paul kissed me awake at midnight
before putting me to bed.

I love him.

This year has been charmed.

Magic and joy from our family to yours.


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