Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's Rally

My sweet friend Kristin
has a sweet friend Adam.

A sweet friend who is a musician 
in the band Timonium
and is the founder of 
the Echo Park venue Pehrspace.

A few days ago,
Adam had a brain stem stroke.

He deteriorated for hours
in an emergency room
because 36 year olds 
who run marathons
are not supposed 
to have strokes
and he wasn't 
promptly diagnosed.

He spent a few days in ICU,
is currently recovering
in the neuro-telemetry unit of the hospital,
and Kristin said he is improving
bit by bit every day.

Until today
I was unaware that the costs
associated with strokes
are the highest out-of-pocket medical expenses
in the nation.

A fact not lost on Adam's friends,
and a fact they don't want him to worry about
as he focuses all of his efforts
on getting better.

If you can and want to
go here
and pay it forward.

May the force be with Adam.


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