Sunday, July 29, 2012

Friday Fotos 7/27 (It's Sunday...same diff)

Last weekend
my parents went to
my dad's 40 year high reunion.

Wasn't he adorable times 300?

I started a new job this week
and it is awesome.

Worked an event here.  Memory overload.

Admittedly I am a little gun shy
about the whole deal
as it's been a tough road
in the employment department this year.

But here's hoping.

I kept to my goal
of exercising 3 times this week
and almost died on the elliptical machine.

This was Day 1.  I didn't die until Day 3.

This ol' mare ain't
what she used to be
but she will be soon.

In fact she'll
be better.


I haven't always known
what defined joy for me;
always chasing
counterfit happiness.

That job,
those shoes,
that weight,
those friends,
that guy.

On Thursday
I woke to the sound
of Paul making breakfast

and Lucas singing in the shower
and I think I exploded
into a pile of glitter.

My bliss is finally here.

It is
in working with my guy
on his pet project,

It's a bed. He did all of the manly stuff.  I helped stain.

in following behind James
as he rides his bike in the setting sun,

in holding hands with Lucas
as we travel through an average Sunday.

Fawn-cy new drive thru car wash

My truest joy
is in the here and now.

With this life.

These friends.

These boys.

This man.

This body.

All I have is all I need;
and I have so very much.

New lipstick still makes me giddy.

Pretty in love with this song:

Purity Ring - Fineshrine

Weekends over folks,
and tonight I see Fiona.

Happy week ya'll. xo.

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