Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fotos 7/20 (aaaaaand 7/13)

Keeping oneself
on a blogging schedule
is tougher business
than I had anticipated.

Especially when
it's summer
and I'm unemployed
and the sunshine
and kiddos beckon.

this one's a doozy.

We've been
bein' places
and seein' people.

So here go 2 weeks
of fotos...

I am typically a homebody.

However a few Saturdays ago
I got a call to head out for adventure.

It was 11:30pm
and I was in my underwear
baking cupcakes.

So I went
and it turned out
to be an adventure

I hope that this is
the last time I see
9am from the nightside.

Silverlake bathroom. 3:30am.

Officially too old and boring for this scene.

The next day we went
to a pool party and
my guy was the only dad
to get in the water
and throw the kids around.

that's one of the reasons
why I think he's
such a dreamboat.

Lucas was stoked to the max.

Last week
my parents rented
a house in Palm Springs.

and posh
and Paul came
and Lucas
was over the moon.

James was able to catch
a few days too.

Paul says he's had enough
Palm Springs for the year.

He hasn't received the memo
that there is no such thing
as enough Palm Springs.

We did a lot of floating.

My guys took me to the movies to escape the heat.

I made this frozen chocolate peanut butter pie and then we all died.

Recipe here.

(except I didn't have dark chocolate so I used semi-sweet,
and I didn't have dark brown sugar so I used light.
And when I made it again this week I used an Oreo crust.
It's a do-anything-you-want-and-it's-still-awesome recipe)

Friday I had the priveledge
of joining my best friend
and a handful of his nearest and dearest
to celebrate the life
of his young nephew
who passed away suddenly
last summer.

It was one of the most
beautiful events I've ever
been a witness to.

Summer storms mean amazing sunsets here in SoCal.

I am officially the paper lantern master.

The randomly purchased lantern was lime green...his nephew's favorite color.
I believe in magic and signs and this was surely all of that.

It pays to have talented friends.  The sax played as the sun set.

This week we've done a lot of this:


and this.

I also ate about
ice pops.

 And listened
to this song a bazillion times
because Lucas thinks
it says his name.

M83 - "Midnight City"

Happy weekend. xo.

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