Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Note to Self

Huntington Beach. 7:39 pm.

Today you are 29 years
and 7 months old.

This morning
you woke up as
the middle spoon between
Paul and Lucas.

You made them breakfast
and the berry salad was delicious
because it's late August
and all berries are delicious.

Last night you were driving in traffic
and became randomly inspired
to have a bonfire.

You came home from work
and asked Paul how spontaneous he was feeling
and he was feeling spontaneous enough.

You got to the beach right after sunset
and there was just enough light
to run to the water
and take one picture
of your almost 3rd grader.

My heart stops.

You made s'mores
with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
and relaxed by the fire
and it was perfect.

You came home
and everyone went to bed
still smelling of smoke
but that was ok
because you were happy.

You laid down
and read Harry Potter
while Paul fell asleep
wrapped around you.

You just got off of the phone
with James' preschool.

He starts September 10th.

The other day you realized
that his voice sounds like your baby
but his words are of a big boy.

Summer is winding down
and your favorite time of the year
is on its way.

You're 29 and 7 months old
you have the life
you've always wanted.

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  1. That's beautiful gratitude! And i had no idea you blogged... Awesome!