Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marry Who You Love

James' expression =
how I feel about the Supreme Court today

Four and half years ago
Prop. 8 passed
and I was

How could this happen?
Why don't people understand?

I knew we had
to head to
West Hollywood.

Onward to the safe house,
to Santa Monica Blvd.,
to light candles
hold hands
and make noise
because that's all
you can really do
when you feel
like you're not being listened to.

I stood there 
lit candles in hand
with my baby brother.

The 18 year old young man
who had come out officially
just months before.

The one who broke my heart
when he told me that
he had endured
being bullied in high school.

Had been teased,
called a faggot.

He had just voted
in his first election
and the election
did not go his way.

How could this happen?
Why don't people understand?

I have cried
over knowing
that some of my best friends
have faced
the same battle.

I have cried over
the taunts
not holding the hands
or kissing the lips
of their partner
in public
because they're afraid.

I have cried
over every story
of every kid
bullied to the point
where they have
taken their own life.

How could this happen?
Why don't people understand?

Today's Supreme Court ruling
lifted my soul.

The existing wedding rings
(and the ones to come!)
on the fingers
of my friends
meant more today.

They always meant everything,
but today they meant more.

Because these marriages
and families
always existed
to the people in them,
but now they exist
in a way that says,
you are real!

Even to the people
that haven't wanted
to acknowledge that.

You are real!
And safe!
And we're not going to let this happen!
We understand!

I have never been raised
to see sexuality,
or color,
or gender.
Thanks to my mama
we love everyone.

All are welcome.

Please come in,
there is room at the table
for all of us.

Endless thank yous
to the Human Rights Campaign
and Equality Now
for their tireless efforts
in rectifying a wrong,
to the plaintiffs
who fought for their love
and for the love of those who couldn't,
and to the Justices
that voted yes to the strike down.

My two little boys
and their mother
are eternally grateful.

We have hope today Harvey.
They gave us a whole lotta hope.


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