Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fotos 4/27

When I said I take a gazillion pictures I was not kidding. 

So here's a re-cap of our week...

James came home Friday and got to work on a new toy.

Thanks for the "Batcave" grandma and grandpa!

I stayed up all night getting ready for Lucas' party.
Baking this and frosting that.

In an effort to be more organized (read: less of a basketcase)
 I had baked these 3 days in advance and planned to frost them the night before.

Unfortunately I'll be resurrecting my all-nighters next year.
Frosting = YUM
3 day old cake = Not so yum 

These I made the morning of.

Here's a picture of the world's best frosting.

Marshmallow fluff is a key ingredient. 'Nuff said.

I hid a whoopie pie mid-party and ate it later that night after the kids had gone to bed.
I may or may not have lied about that directly to my son's face.
Don't judge.

The day could not have been more perfect. 
Sunshine, friends, family,
and about 30 different Quinceneras being photographed at the park. 
Free fashion show.

Sunday Paul and Lucas embarked on a camping adventure
while James and I went on a fantastic date.

We love LACMA!

And for all of you parents out there, NexGen is like the best idea ever.

James was inspired by the Russian avant garde. 
(I'm only half-joking.  He "sketched" for 30 minutes.)

Photo Credit: Micah Cordy

We painted, created "found" art and saw Metropolis II.
We made pinwheels and posed for a picture.

Afterward we found one of these and my little one tinkered away.

I have the strangest feeling I'm being watched.

'Twas a magical day.

The week brought this...

and this...

And here we are at Friday again.

We got love and sun and fun on the horizon for the next few days.

Happy weekend everyone.

How can my life be anything less than magic when I've got this...


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